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Members can support University of Utah Student Athletes by joining The Utah LockerRoom Clubhouse and boosting their NIL personal brands. By joining Utah LockerRoom, you can support Utah Student Athletes. LockerRoom access starts at $50 per month and can be customized for super fans.

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What do we charge?

100% of the club membership or one-time fee goes to the student athlete, the fee that we charge is 5% for credit card processing and Venmo, CashApp, etc. fees to deposit to athlete accounts. The fees are charged in addition to the membership or one-time fee.

Pick the Membership that's right for you.

Your one-time or monthly membership will help Utah Student Athletes with various jobs as LockerRoom Brand Ambassadors. We've developed a subscription model through which any fan, regardless of financial means, can help Utah Student Athletes.

You will now be able to interact with Utah Student Athletes in ways never before possible in exchange for your monthly membership or one-time contribution. The majority of the monthly subscriptions collected are used to compensate athletes for their efforts or to fund the third-party software / platform that LockerRoom uses to provide unique access, known as the Utah Clubhouse, where fans and Utah Student Athletes will engage.

Choose the membership that is best for you and the level of engagement you desire.

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