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about us.

who are you guys?

We're the UTE Super Fans!

The Utah LockerRoom is a part of the LockerRoom Athletics platform, which was created and designed to connect Utah fans with their favorite student athletes. Our mission is to provide a platform for fans from all walks of life to interact with and receive incredible experiences from our student athletes seeking NIL deals. Our objective is to build a community of incredible and generous Ute fans who care strongly about their student athlete's well-being, development, and opportunity to earn money to make their lives a little bit better.

what is the collective all about?

We got your connects.

We connect student athletes with opportunities to complete deals for fans, local companies, and national brands. With that said, we've taken the time to ensure that everything we do benefits our student athletes by educating, developing, and coaching them to become better people. And, of course, we work tirelessly to ensure they are compliant, safe, and having a good time while engaging in the transactions we connect them with.


Our primary goal is to ensure that our LockerRoom Student-Athletes' NCAA eligibility, scholarship, and financial aid circumstances are maintained at the highest possible level. For our Student-Athletes to preserve their eligibility and to comply with NIL legislation, they will be provided with critical information as well as tools and help regarding current NIL rules at the school, state, and federal levels.


Membership dues collected by Utah LockerRoom are paid to Student-Athletes, or groups of Student-Athletes, in exchange for merchandise, products, and engagements with them. Members receive these benefits and are based on the amount of their monthly dues. The bigger the membership dues, the bigger the return in NIL merchandise, products, and engagements from student athletes to the member/s.



Through sponsored appearances such as live video chats, podcasts, and interviews, you can see how your contributions are being put to good use. These appearances are only available through LockerRoom's platform. Along with unique virtual meet-and-greets, giveaways, and a variety of other activities, Utah LockerRoom subscribers will have access to a variety of live events.



Business owners are eager to take advantage of the potential given by this new era, but many are concerned about getting started and remaining compliance with the laws and regulations. We will walk you through the process while also providing you with high-quality media services.



Student athletes get 80% of Utah LockerRoom's membership dues, which will be distributed based on member requests to pay student players individually, in a group, or for the entire program. Members get full access to the site and are able to interact with, communicate with, and hire student athletes for NIL merchandise purchase or engagement opportunities.


frequently asked questions.

1. Is there any connection between the Utah LockerRoom and the University of Utah?


Despite its name, the Utah LockerRoom is not associated with the University of Utah or any of its athletic departments. It operates only to assist Utah athletes and supporters. We are a independent third-party agency and marketing company that helps Student-Athletes setup NIL deals.

2. Are LockerRoom contracts with Student-Athletes exclusive?


No. Contracts are not designed to be exclusive. Our objective is to provide athletes with the best possible chance of success in this new NIL environment. Indeed, we promote their collaborations with other groups and businesses through our social media channels.

3. What happens if an athlete transfers or otherwise leaves the program?

The agreements are limited in duration and scope to protect member funds in the event that an athlete transfers or discontinues participation in the sports program during the agreement's tenure. Although the agreements are irrevocable, we arrange them in such a way that the risks connected with them are minimized.

4. Are you able to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with recruits?


No. The provision of compensation to athletes in order to persuade them to join a particular institution is forbidden under NIL law. Once an athlete is accepted into the program, the Utah LockerRoom looks forward to working with them.

5. What is the most efficient method of staying informed about The Utah LockerRoom?

Even while we send out infrequent emails to all of our members, our Twitter and Instagram pages are the best ways to acquire the most up-to-date information about our athletes and operations.

​6. Can I make a one-time donation?


Absolutely. Individuals and businesses alike are invited to contribute to us.

7. Is there a tiered system of access dependent on my financial contribution to the cause?


No. Each fan is in a unique situation due to a multitude of factors. It is feasible that if everyone contributes their fair share, the cumulative effect will be great. You may do whatever is most convenient for you, and you will retain full access.

8. I'd like to acquire autographed products or personalized content. Are you able to assist me with this?


Yes. We can work with you to negotiate NIL agreements with individual athletes.

9. I'm interested in negotiating a non-disclosure agreement with a player who will represent my business. Is that something you're capable of doing?

Yes. We've established a framework to make it easier for businesses to take advantage of these types of opportunities. We can manage the creative material, and all agreements have been reviewed by legal counsel to ensure compliance with NIL legislation.

10. What can I do to increase my involvement?

You can contact us at to learn more about how you can help promote The Utah LockerRoom's mission or to make a service donation to our firm.

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