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Welcome to the Utah LockerROom Clubhouse

Ute fans connect to athletes.

Get your GO UTES ON!

Welcome to The Utah LockerRoom, the social hub for Ute fans where they can engage with student athletes from the University of Utah in a variety of ways. Our goal is to provide fans with a fantastic new platform through which they can interact with and support their favorite University of Utah athletes as they develop their NIL brands.

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What do members get?

We provide fans/members with unprecedented access to and experiences with their favorite athletes while giving them a way to use their name, image, and likeness to earn some much-needed cash. As a member, you can get the following benefits, and MORE:

  • Live LockerRoom Events with Student Athletes

  • LockerRoom Merchandise and Apparel

  • LockerRoom Gameday Experience

  • Limited Editions Memorabilia

  • Curated Content by Student-Athletes

  • Access to Exclusive Interviews

  • Real-time Video Chat

  • ...and MORE

Do you have a corporate gig?

For business owners, our LockerRoom Student-Athletes are available for product endorsements, social media marketing, speaking engagements, and event appearances, bringing star power to your brand and business. Each corporate engagement can be tailored to provide you and your company with the best mix of promotions and marketing to boost your visibility and sales.

We are NOT affiliated with the University of Utah.

LockerRoom is not affiliated with Utah's athletic programs or academic departments. We have no affiliation with University of Utah or Utah Sports Properties trademarks. LockerRoom helps student athletes develop their Name, Image, and Likeness brands.

Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks or images featured on the LockerRoom website and/or social media forums are the property of their respective trademark holders. LockerRoom and these trademark holders aren't affiliated. These trademark holders don't sponsor or endorse LockerRoom.

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